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Drawing inspiration from the lively energy of cities like Seoul and New York City, my design philosophy is a reflection of diverse experiences. I aim to create thoughtful and playful designs that capture the essence of my multicultural background. Prioritizing the influential power of branding on user perception, my focus is on fostering a dynamic and engaging atmosphere within my work.

With a background encompassing various materials, I seamlessly integrate digital design with tangible elements. This synthesis not only adds a fresh and innovative dimension to my creations but also underscores the dynamic interplay between my multicultural influences and the impactful world of design. In essence, my designs become a vibrant intersection of cultural inspiration and the transformative potential of branding in user experiences.




Parsons School of Design

I've honed my skills in typography, exploring the visual nuances of language. I've seamlessly combined interaction design and coding, learning to create impactful digital experiences. Collaborating across disciplines, I've delved into the broader implications of design in society and technology. Real-world insights were gained through active participation in design events, conferences, and lectures, providing exposure to industry trends and networking opportunities. This comprehensive experience has equipped me with a versatile skill set for navigating the dynamic landscape of design.


Konkuk University

I've gained expertise in enhancing quality of life through materials, arts, and crafts. Focused on textiles, ceramics, and metals, the program equipped me with practical skills for various industries. Emphasizing creativity and aesthetics, the curriculum prepared me to visually enrich lifestyle environments and contribute to fields like manufacturing and culture. The department's goal is to contribute to social development by integrating art, technology, and humanities to propose innovative forms of value. This experience has shaped me into a competent professional with a deep appreciation for arts and design in society.



NatureLab North America

In my role, I was responsible for creating visually appealing and easily understandable graphs, contributing to a more user-friendly presentation of data. Additionally, I played a key role in enhancing the brand image by supporting branding efforts and ensuring a cohesive and impactful visual identity.


Sung Ju

I played a crucial role in developing visual elements for the brand, including website elements, logo design, and all visual assets for pop-up stores and runway shows. My contribution aimed to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity across various platforms and events.



_ Asian Fashion Collection

I served as a translator between the Korean designer and AFC for model casting Zoom calls during New York Fashion Week, facilitating effective communication. Additionally, I represented the brand as an assistant in the fashion show, ensuring a smooth and collaborative experience.


- The Galleria Magazine

- W Korea

- Dashing Diva Magic Press

I curated a selection of products aligning with the envisioned concept for photoshoots, reached out to brands for collaboration, and crafted concise fashion articles and captions. My involvement also extended to hands-on styling during the photoshoots, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing presentation of the chosen products.



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere


Screen printing

Adobe InDesign



Machine knitting




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