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This project involves creating a website for a short piece called "On Beginnings." Rather than simply posting the text on the website, the aim is to make it easy and enjoyable for users to read. Users can not only read the text but also experience and interact with it through various devices designed to enhance readability and facilitate communication.

As I thought about the word "beginning" in the title, the first thing that came to mind was sunrise. The rising sun in the morning symbolizes the start of a new day, which I found to be closely related to the title of the story. Therefore, I designed the website so that when readers start reading, they can click on the morning sun rising, symbolizing the beginning, to start the story.

After pressing the start button, the story immediately follows. Initially, the paragraphs are very close together, making it difficult to read. However, as users hover their mouse over the paragraph, the width expands, making it easier to read. Since people tend to hover their cursor over the part they are reading when reading text on a website, this feature will feel very convenient.

However, with the rise of short-form content and videos, many people nowadays dislike reading long articles. For such individuals, there's no need to read the entire lengthy text from start to finish. Instead, they can simply click on the button at the top left. This button highlights important sentences automatically.

After reading the entire article, users can interact with the website by resizing the window, providing an enjoyable experience of engaging with the content in a playful manner.

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