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Hush Haven is a unique festival designed specifically for introverts. This event offers a sanctuary where individuals can enjoy music and entertainment in their comfort zone, without the usual pressure of social interaction or the presence of wild, raving crowds. At Hush Haven, the emphasis is on creating a tranquil and serene atmosphere, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the experience at their own pace.

Hush Haven is more than just a festival; it’s a community for introverts to connect, recharge, and celebrate in a way that respects their need for solitude and peace. Whether enjoying the soothing sounds of live acoustic performances or exploring art installations in a hushed environment, attendees can savor every moment in silent enjoyment.

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Introverted people tend to prefer neutral tones. On days when introverted people want to stand out a bit, I think the most commonly chosen colors are blue and orange. Since Hush Haven is a festival for introverted people, I have designed the color system with their preferred standout colors and neutral tones, making them the stars of the day of the festival.

I used a custom typeface, originally based on the Introvert Font, as the main font. Like introverts, this typeface looks good and rounded on the outside but values personal space and has the characteristic of building its own walls and hidden edges inside. I incorporated these qualities into the design of this typeface.

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